The Guild Philosophy

The Guild was started in 1985 by a group of Greater Vancouver woodworkers. At its inception, it was made up of amateurs and professionals with one goal: to share the knowledge they have gained from years spent perfecting their craft.

That same tradition holds true today as members continue to come together for workshops on all levels – from beginner’s courses through intermediate projects that involve more complicated designs or materials. The organization is committed not only to providing these hands-on experiences but also creating awareness about how much artistry goes into even something as simple  as furniture construction.

The Guild is a non-profit society and is self-funded through membership dues and fees charged for attendance at workshops.

For anyone who has ever wanted to make something with their hands, the Guild provides an inclusive space where people of all skill levels can learn from each other while enjoying the fellowship amongst peers that share this hobby or profession as enthusiastically as they do woodworking itself.