The Benefits of Membership

The monthly newsletter is an all-inclusive publication for everything you need to know about the shop and what’s going on in town. We try hard not only with our content, but also with design so that it looks like a professional magazine every time!

The Monthly Newsletter is your go-to source of information when you’re looking for new shops around town or want updates from those already established here. The newsletters are published each month (except January through June) and contain advertisements as well as editorials written by both staff members and special contributors alike.

Woodworkers are not just toiling away at their shops during the summer; in winter they take out some of that stress with a series of workshops and sawdust huddles. Workshops cover topics such as

  • chain-saw lumbermaking,
  • shop layout for beginners,
  • introductory relief carving work from home newbie or experienced woodworker alike will find what they need here!

Video: Oftentimes, we get stuck in a rut when it comes to our own creativity. Thankfully for those of us who love woodworking without the time or budget constraints that come with being self-taught, there are instructional videos available to rent at a modest fee!

Topics covered include:

  • power tools, carving techniques (both hand and machine),
  • turning methods including lathe work as well as other cutting practices like scroll sawing and routing;
  • joinsery demonstrations on their various forms
  • joinings such as mortise & tenon joints
  • as well how they can be achieved using different types of fasteners from mechanical joiners through dowels all the way back around again to dovetail jigs.

Networking: Whether you are an expert or just getting started, the Woodworker’s Guild offers a chance to meet people that share your interest and expertise in this field. You can also learn about where hard-to-find tools like drill bits for exotic woods might be found at one of their meetings.

The Woodworkers’ Guild is more than just somewhere to buy power saws; it’s also full of experts eager to help novices get up on their feet with some pointers and advice from those who have been there before them!

Membership In The Pacific Woodworkers Guild

Anyone who loves anything about woodworking is a member of the Pacific Woodworkers Guild. The guild offers four classifications for membership that include: hobbyist, student, professional and retired memberships:

Full Membership: This allows you to be a part of the Guild and have access to all their events, workshops, meetings. You can enter competitions as well! Fees are $25 for twelve months.

Family Membership: Join a community of families with the Family Membership! With two or more members living at the same address, you can enjoy all of our benefits and save money in fees. For twelve months, your membership fee will be only $35 rather than full price which is normally $50 for one year.

Associate Membership: The Guild’s newsletter is a great way to keep up-to-date with the latest happenings in our community. If you’re too busy or just can’t make it out for meetings, this option could be perfect! The $15 fee includes ten issues.

Membership is open to all. To become a member, just show up at the next Guild meeting or fill out our membership registration form and mail it with your cheque for one year’s fees to the address on the form.