The 2×4 Challenge

Every spring, the Pacific Woodworkers Guild asks members to put their ingenuity and creativity into action by completing a challenge.

Each year in April, an annual guild event called “Woodworking Innovations” challenges all of its participants with a different interesting arts-and-crafts project or craft item that they must build out of wood before May 31st using video tutorials from online sources as well as any other materials available at the time. This year’s task was building wooden stabilizers for camera tripods which were designed specifically for use on uneven ground like beaches where sand can get underfoot and make it difficult to keep your footing while taking photos or filming videos without having anything fall over due to human error.

Since a 2×4 is 8 feet in length, you could use it to build the frame for an outdoor bench.

But if that’s not what you’re looking for then maybe just get creative and come up with your own creation!

The Pacific Woodworkers Guild is holding a contest to find the best woodworker in British Columbia. The entries are judged based on skill level, with novice being the easiest and expert as toughest. Any additional materials allowed depend upon which entry you choose from among three categories:

  • Tools & Techniques;
  • Design or Constructed Piece;
  • Furniture.

Interested members of amateur clubs can enter too!

The Pacific Woodworkers Guild has been hosting the 2×4 Challenge for twelve years and counting. The challenge is a simple but rewarding task that splits into two categories, speed or accuracy. Participants are given twenty minutes to make as many out of four boards from rough sawn lumber as possible without breaking any pieces in half a feat not everyone can accomplish!