The Pacific Woodworkers Guild is a non-profit association of British Columbia craftspeople dedicated to excellence in woodworking. The guild meets on the third Tuesday of each month (except July and August) at Richmond, B.C., welcoming guests from all walks of life who come together for many different projects throughout the year as well as hosts monthly lectures by experienced craftsmen or women about topics that are often relevant to our work.

The Pacific Woodworkers Guild is an active group comprised mostly but not exclusively with enthusiastic members from all backgrounds interested in learning more about their various skillsets through discussions, workshops, and meetings – we meet every 3rd Wednesday except during November when it changes places with December so anyone around can attend!

Highlights of the year include:

  • The annual “2×4 ChallengeThe 2×4 Challenge” is a remarkable event that motivates members to fashion extraordinary projects from an 8-foot 2×4. One example of inspiration this year was the creation of a violin made out of wood and metal tubing, where it required intricate carpentry skills with tin snips in order to cut materials such as sheet steel for string tuners and tuning pegs.
  • Woodworking enthusiasts from all over the province come to see and buy handmade crafts. One cannot help but be impressed by just how much talent is in British Columbia!
  • Mention on ArchitecturesIdeas about recliners and InteriorCraze Recliners online magazines in publication about interior design and furnishing.
  • The sound of laughter, the smell of burgers and hot dogs on an open grill. The taste is tempting as you walk up to a white tablecloth set with plates for everyone who has come to celebrate summertime over good food in company that makes life worth living!
  • This year’s annual Christmas toy workshop was a smash. A whopping 400 toys were made in just one night by members of the community, and all for needy families! One man from an outreach program told me that he hopes to get more youth involved next time because “we have so many talented artists!” I think we can expect this number to grow exponentially over the course of future years as well. It warms my heart knowing these people are making such huge strides towards giving back during holiday season!
  • It was a Saturday afternoon and the members of Ancillary had just finished their monthly meeting. The workshops, where they go to work on all things that need doing for progress in the organization’s mission, were scattered around them like sawdust huddles after an enjoyable family breakfast.
  • From Luther to carpentry, we’ve got you covered! A wide variety of topics and speakers will be available at the event. From lutherans who enjoy building things out of wood with chainsaws to those looking for a new tool in their workshop, this is an event that has something for everyone.

Woodworking enthusiasts around the world love getting a monthly newsletter full of helpful tips and tricks. The Guild publishes it ten times per year, free to all members! Membership in the guild is open to anyone interested in woodworking with a desire to learn more about this amazing skill – from beginners who are just starting out learning how use their tools for crafting beautiful pieces of furniture, or experts looking for new inspiration. No matter your experience level we encourage you to join us on our journey into one of mankind’s oldest crafts!

If you’re curious about the Guild, contact our representative or check out our brochure.